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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – The past three weeks in Groningen and at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences have been unforgettable. I did the “Doing Business in Europe” program with a focus on Intercultural Communications.

I would say that my most important takeaway from my international learning experience is that I developed intercultural skills that will definitely help with my personal and professional goals going forward. We had a small class (seven students) and that really provided the opportunity to fully grasp and apply the theories we were learning to everyday scenarios.

On the more social side of this experience I would say that I made a lot of connections and had a lot of fun in the process! My favorite outing was our weekend trip to Amsterdam and Haarlem. On the Friday, we had a professional visit to Philips HQ with the opportunity to network with employees. After spending the day there we made our way back to Haarlem for dinner then a few of us went out to explore the city. First thing on Saturday we headed back into Amsterdam to go on a canal tour before having some free time to explore the city.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering it in the future!


Bridget Fahey,

Business Administration Student (Online)

NSCC Shelburne Campus

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