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Campbell’s Blog #2Grenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – As I had said in my last blog entry for the NSCC International Cultural Entrepreneurship Documentation Program, the experiences here in Grenada exceeded my expectations every single day.

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow we will be heading to the airport and saying our final goodbyes to this Caribbean Island. It was an amazing and jam packed two weeks, but we all made such great connections with each other and the T.A. Marryshow Community College students. These connections were not hard to make when over 15 of us were together each day of this program and sometimes packed into a travel van in forty degree weather as we travelled the island.

Now, I'm sure that I'll be back to Grenada in the future, but that doesn't mean that all the people we have met along the way will still be here. Although this goodbye is more of a 'see you later,' our goodbyes to our colleagues and new friends at TAMCC was a harder.

The students we met from TAMCC are all so amazing and bright. Their hopes and aspirations may take them to other islands or countries for opportunities to further their careers. It was amazing and a privilege to be among these people for the past two weeks knowing their futures will all be successful. Although there were age differences among the students, both NSCC and TAMCC, we all learned from each other and grew because of it.

For the stronger connections I made with some of the students, I know that through technology and the exchange of addresses, we will keep in touch and hopefully, see each other again. As for my fellow colleagues from NSCC, there is no doubt that these memories will stay with us forever and there will always be a strong connection among all of us.

We are lucky enough, that with the nature and the result of this project, we are able to bring pieces of these connections and these experiences back to Nova Scotia. As hard as it may be for my friends and family to understand all of my experiences here, I am grateful that there are documentations so we can share the culture and the friendships we've made.

Campbell Bailey

Student, Public Relations Program

NSCC Waterfront Campus



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