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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – After being accepted to this program, I was unsure of the experience I would have on my NSCC International trip. What I didn't predict was that my expectations would be exceeded every single day and that I would fall in love with the Caribbean Island of Grenada.

The Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program is not only a mouthful to say, but an overload of amazing experiences, people, places and culture. In the first week, four fellow NSCC students, three NSCC faculty, six T.A. Marryshow Community College students and their two faculty, have been documenting the culture of Grenada through natural products and traditional Masquerade. With this, we have had the opportunity to interview, photograph and listen to the amazing lives of close to 20 Grenadians. We met and visited Masqueraders (Jab Jab and Short-knee), entrepreneurs from Island Catering, Spice Basket, traditional method rum distillers at River Antoine Estate and traditional method cocoa producers at Belmont Estate.

We travelled by bus from interview to interview, giving us the opportunity to see more of the island and experience Grenada for all of its natural beauty. The view of St. George's from the highest roads, the smell of the fish and fruit markets of Grenville along the rugged east coast, and the feeling of a breeze from the aqua blue Caribbean sea with sand covered toes, will all take your breath away and allow you to forget about the plane ride home at the end of the two weeks.

With one week left, I crave more of the sun, beach and of course, the culture. A lot of hard work and organization will take place in the coming five days to put together our findings from the documentation. Our end result will be beautiful visual and oral representations of Grenada, as well as some planning for the future of preserving the culture. I look forward to cramming every last bit of Grenada into our stay and continuing to learn from the wonderful people here.

Although I know I will be back, these amazing moments we have experienced and the people we have met will make it hard to leave. Our project we have worked so hard on will now be the memories we can appreciate and cherish for years to come.

Campbell Bailey

Student, Public Relations

NSCC, Waterfront Campus

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