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International Exchange Students – This has been nothing short of a very fulfilling and rewarding journey for me thus far. The decision to go back to school as an adult can be very challenging, not only does it require making huge sacrifices but it also requires discipline and a significant level of maturity.

Having decided to return to my local community college at the age of 29, my colleagues and even my family thought that I was out of my mind. Being the stubborn person that I am, I paid them no heed.

Little did we all know, that my decision will have such a tremendous and golden opportunity attached to it. Less than a year into my program I learnt of the exchange student program Scholarship offered by the Nova Scotia Community College in collaboration with Government of Canada.  Because of the sacrifices I had made in order to go back to school, my mission was not just to pass my courses but to excel at them, with renewed vigor, I did just that.

On August 25th, 2014 I left my beautiful Island Grenada, being one of the recipient of the scholarship offered  by NSCC. Nova Scotia Community College was the perfect match for me, with campuses throughout the province, this college offers a variety of hands on learning experiences. Whether you are coming fresh from high school or an adult learner as myself with post high school education, NSCC has something to offer you.

With a strong multi-cultural presence and varying student demographics, you will never feel out of place. With first class library resources, multiple computer labs, prayer and meditation room and a faculty that is never too busy to listen to you or further explain something outside of class hours. Nova Scotia Community College is equipped with all the tools necessary for success.

Apart from the terrible weather, that everyone seizes the opportunity to warn you of……… I'm loving and appreciation each moment of this experience!!!!!

Caralana Williams

International Exchange Student, Grenada

Tourism Management, Akerley Campus

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