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My name is Caroline Hilario, an Accounting student in the Kingstec campus. Being an international student is just another educational experience to some but to me, it’s something that breaks the barriers of experience mainly because I chose Nova Scotia Community College. If I went to a different college, the experience could have been entirely different.

Being an international student is a challenge. There are trials along the way, including being different. I’m thankful to have been included in a program where students don’t really care about race, culture, and everything else. My Canadian classmates understand that I’m here to learn, and they made it a whole lot easier for me to adapt to the new environment quickly.

I must admit that it was hard in the beginning. I was getting homesick and there were other personal factors that affected my performance in school at some point. However, Canada’s warm and friendly atmosphere helped me get acquainted with my new life. It wasn’t hard to make a few but reliable friends, especially because there are other international student ambassadors in the area who shared my sentiments.

Getting into NSCC was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and I am ever grateful to NSCC for giving me the opportunity I’ve been praying for. It was a nerve-racking first day of school but as the days passed, I grew fond of my surroundings. I fell in love with the library and admired the wisdom my professors had to share.

What I enjoyed the most about being an international ambassador is the activities we embarked in. These include workshops that helped inspire me to be a responsible student and encouraging presentations for new international and immigrant students that developed my leadership and public speaking skills. I also enjoyed the meet-and-greet event that was held on September 27. During the event, I was able to make friends with people who shared the same goals and aspirations that I had. Probably the most amusing activity we had was our Christmas party last Friday, December 14, 2018. I’m thankful to have been part of the event’s success.

Overall, I can say that being a part of NSCC is an experience that adds color to the sometimes-dull pages of my life’s story. I’ve overcome some of the challenges that come with being an international student and I know there will be more along the way, but I am determined to turn this chapter of my story into full-color pages. After all, this is not yet the end of my NSCC journey; it’s just the beginning of a beautiful encounter between an eager collegian and a top-notch university.

I look forward to greater things in the next term. I’m confident that we will come up with more activities that should inspire us and other international students to aspire for worthy goals in life. I hope I will continue to be a reliable ambassador who makes a difference in the lives of others.

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