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My experience in Canada has been amazing. Since the beginning of my exchange I noticed that the people in Nova Scotia are very kind and warm; every time I needed help there was someone willing to help me.

When I arrived to NSCC I was impressed with the campus, the ecological structure and the beautiful view of the city. About the program, some of the classes are exactly the same back home. But in my university, the tests are different; they evaluate us in the way we apply the learned topics. Meanwhile, in here is more about knowing the concepts. Another thing that my university back home has is that we have mid- exams, tests, quizzes and finals.

My experience at NSCC, changed my life because I learned another culture and how it is to relate, work and study with Canadian people. This gives me a wider view of the world and the different cultures.

Regarding the cultures, when I first arrived to Canada I noticed that Canadian people are very nice and helpful, most of the people are always willing to help. Canadian culture is different from the one back home on the aspect of organization. Here people respect more the authorities and the transit signals. Back home, people are not that respectful with those things.

Also the Political structure is very different. Colombia is a republic in which the president is the head of the country.


Catalina Yepes, NSCC international student, Business Administration

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