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CCEDP Summer 2015 – As a member of staff of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), Grenada, I was excited when I learnt I was to be part of a team of four (4) employees visiting Nova Scotia, Canada. Knowing nothing about Nova Scotia, I did not know what to expect.

Being here for one week was a very memorable experience.  The people were extremely, extremely friendly.  Before you can say, “Good Morning”, they would say Good Morning to you.  Any problem that were encountered there was someone available to assist, and did so willingly.   This clearly brings out the “Portfolio College” that was spoken about during this course.  The environment and offices are very clean and I like the value it places on health and safety.  I enjoyed the food from the cafeteria and would regret having to not taste it anymore when I leave here.

Our facilitators for the course, Don and Libby, were very humble and created an atmosphere where learning is fun and engaging.  They used multiple teaching styles that allowed anyone, regardless of their learning style to benefit/learn from what was presented.  I like the fact that the facilitators were also involved in the learning activities which helped created that warm learning environment.  Information presented were very thought provoking.  I have learnt a lot that I would take back to the classroom and also apply to my personal life.  The highlight of the classes for me was:

  • Focus on students strengths and not weaknesses
  • Tell about my strengths
  • Don’t prove yourself, improve yourself
  • Celebrate your accomplishment and
  • Use the UDL (Universal Design Learning) to meet the diverse group of students

I will truly miss this experience here and would encourage anyone to further their educational and professional goals by coming here. Thanks NSCC for a wonderful learning experience.


Cathy Murray


T. A. Marryshow Community College


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