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My name is Celia Deer and I am an international student at NSCC Akerley campus from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I currently work at Walmart as a cashier. I am one of a few cashiers that are able to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hymn says: “Stand like the brave with thy face to the foe, press on, never doubting, the captain is near, with grace to supply and comfort to share”. I consider working in Covid-19 as being on the battle front every time I go to work, but the comfort of Jesus keeps me energized and confident to face each day without fear.

Every day I see people around me cowering in fear, some anxious, some depressed and most just ready for this uncertain period to end. I use this opportunity when they ask me how is it that I am so happy and cheerful in this time of Corona and I share my remedy with them. I tell them that Corona is everywhere in the world and God is everywhere in the world, so I ask him daily to cover me while I go serve in assisting the public to get needed supplies. I encourage us all to be brave in the face of uncertainty and to be of good courage. Adhere to social distancing, wear your gloves and your mask and stay connected to the people that makes you happy and inspires you.

Celia Dian Deer


Akerley Campus

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