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Cultural Entrepreneurship & Documentation Program Grenada – First off we heard some inspiring words from the dean of TAMCC. David Flemming broadly pointed out the difference between skin colours and how they were so good to be combined in one room. This may not seem like a big deal in today’s “multicultural world” but here in Grenada it seems to have a noticeable different where the opportunity does not arrive often.  As well, in regards to our program and work here Flemming said “If you can’t jump don’t try because the bar is too high.” Instead of being discouraged I was surprised to have this phrase instead make me excited and ready to start our work here.

Our first day in the classroom was finished by a presentation from a local historian. I think that to date this might have been the biggest realization and learning experience for myself. Learning about the full history of the Grenadian culture was an emotional experience for not just myself but for many. It was unknown to me that this open conversation is extremely uncommon and is often frown upon. With so much rich information and seeing the younger generation attentive and very engaged it broke my heart that this information is not shared and could potentially be lost. This just go to show how much of an emotional time this must have been in order for those knowledgeable still not be able to share.

Already in under a week I have experienced and gained more skills than I thought possible. Not only my goals of experiencing diversity and building relationships have been exceeded but I have also found amazing new interests as well as an abundance of life realizations. This includes little things such as finding out how much I enjoy journalism but also some situations that I know I have taken for granted at home. Every night while debriefing I understand how much I have gained from the opportunity by the way that I can’t always pick the best times of the day out, by the true interest in learning from the others and their points of view on the day, and by the tone, understanding, and smile in my voice when sharing my thoughts.

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