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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – My trip here in the Netherlands has been amazing thus far! I have fallen in love with the Dutch way of life, and everyday has been met with a new and exciting experience.
Here at Hanze University we are not only learning about communication and culture in the Netherlands but in all of Europe. Moreover, I have been able to explore all that the Netherlands has to offer. Such as the Van Gogh museum, canal tours, and Dutch cuisine. I have been able to explore many different areas in the Netherlands. Other than Groningen,  I have been to Schiermonnikoog Island, Utrecht, Den Haag, and Amsterdam.
I cannot express enough gratitude to the Nova Scotia Community College and Hanze University for accepting me to participate in the “Doing Business in Europe” summer school program. I have made friends that I will never forget, gained valuable career skills, and learned  plenty about European culture. I cannot wait to return to Europe!
Christine Purcell
Business Administration Student
NSCC Waterfront Campus

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