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Being an International student in Canada, and having stayed in Vancouver for two years, whenever someone from outside here asks me to describe the difference, my exact words are “Halifax is Vancouver’s child.” But then I dive deep into the question and really think about the similarities and differences of not just the place but the lifestyle.

Sure, there is so much to do in Vancouver and so many places to go to but then life there is so fast paced that you lose track of time. When I came to Halifax, I immediately recognized the difference. People are more laid back and artsy here and it was so refreshing to step into that routine.

My friends who were already living here would talk about how a 20-minute bus ride is such a long distance and I would just look at them, thinking that I used to take a 20-minute bus back in Vancouver just to reach the sky train station where I would then take the train which would drop me off near my college. So, just a 20-minute bus ride to get to places is not at all far.

I have been here for almost six months now and I can honestly say that I love it just as much as my first week here. Even with the weather changing every five minutes, and the strong winds, and the power cuts, I still love the vibe and the people here.

Aastha Aastha, Business Hospitality – Akerley Campus

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