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Global Health Summer School in the Netherlands – My name is Claire Morrison I just finished my second year of practical nursing at NSCC Marconi. I attended the Global Health and The Quantitative Self program at Hanze University of applied science in Groningen. This was my first time to the Netherlands and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The chance to immerse myself into the culture and live the European life style was wonderful! Also, those learn the cultures of the international student in my program.

Biking to class each day at first was hard because for me my legs where not use to biking everywhere but now I miss my bike when I have to walk somewhere. However, it takes a day or two to adjust to the new rules of the roads in Groningen where they have lights for walking, biking and, driving. Plus, the brakes are different on the bikes here then at home so that was also an adjustment. It was great to drive around the city and see the buildings and enjoy the fresh air a surreal feeling of doing as those who lived there did every day. Going to class stopping at the market on the way home and enjoying great food and a drink with friends at night.


We lived on a hotel boat on a canal and it was fun everyone living together and socializing with those from other areas in the world. very convenient also when it came to doing our group work and assignments to have everyone in one area. Our professors were great and friendly that made us feel very welcome and did their best to make our class and off time as enjoyable as possible.

On weekends, I was able to travel to other places which was a great opportunity. I went to Germany to Berlin to visit museums and war memorials learning about a history that has greatly affected the whole world. Also, it was Pentecost while we were in Berlin so we got to experience a huge street festival that was right outside of our B&B. I did a day trip to Amsterdam where we visited the Heineken brewery and did a canal tour. It was nice to see the city and how busy as Groningen is mostly bikes and Amsterdam had a lot of cars as well.

Working with others from around the world and other cultures has taught me so much about myself that I wouldn't have the chance to learn without this experience. My trip was amazing and was the perfect ending to my years at NSCC. 

Claire Morrison

Practical Nursing Student

NSCC Marconi Campus

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