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Pathway to Stay

Pathway to Stay Program

Initiated by NSCC International in collaboration with EnPoint

Managed by Ashley Pinsent-Tobin, Manager – International Learning Programs (Inbound)

The Pathway to Stay program helps prepare international students who plan to stay, work and live in Nova Scotia after they graduate from NSCC. Pathway to Stay will help students develop key qualities, skills and attitudes that are valued by Nova Scotia employers.   

The first Pathway to Stay cohort completed the program in June 2020.

Click here to see the 2019/2020 Pathway to Stay Program Evaluation.

The goals of the Pathway to Stay program are to:

  • Prepare students for the workplace 
  • Build student confidence through practice and experiential learning
  • Build career-oriented skills through engaging learning opportunities

The Pathway to Stay Program will:   

  • Provide support, skill-building and learning opportunities for international students    
  • Be delivered through Brightspace, webinars and Teams meetings 
  • Include learning activities on communication (writing & speaking), developing professional skills, gaining work experience, networking, resumes and cover letters, interview skills, workplace readiness, articulating experience  
  • Prepare students with the immigration knowledge they need to stay in Nova Scotia after they graduate  

Pathway to Stay is a free, non-credit online program that will run from February 1 to June 30, 2021. The program will be offered through Brightspace and Teams and include the following sessions:

Webinars Career Kickstarter Strategic Networking Resumes, Cover Letters and Follow Up Emails Leveraging Linked In Interviewing in Nova Scotia Working in a Virtual World   Group Career Support Career Kickstarter Bootcamp Employer Panel  Workshops & Events International Student Ambassador Alumni Talks Cultural Coaches Career Fairs The BEST Conference EAL Support Services: Communication Skills and Practice, Teamwork, Presentation Skills, Mock Interviews, Workplace Readiness, and more!  

Applications are due on Friday, January 22. The Pathway to Stay Program will start on Monday, February 1.

How to apply:

  • Tell us about:
    • Your career goals
    • Why you want to stay in Nova Scotia
    • Why you think the Pathway to Stay program will be helpful
  • Format:
    • Video or audio clip – 1 minute
    • Written – 200 words
  • Deadline for applications: Friday, January 22, 2021
  • Please send via email to: international.students@nscc.ca