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Lisa Matheson

Administrative Assistant, NSCC International

Lisa Matheson offers operational support to the International and Applied Research departments since 2018.  She brings over 10 years of administrative experience to the table.  Being relatively new to the International department, she enjoys learning about the many international learning opportunities that are available to NSCC students and staff that helps strengthen NSCC’s vision to transform lives and communities through learning. She looks forward to participating in an international initiative in the near future.

Lisa attended NSCC and obtained two diplomas in Business Information & Technology and Office Administration, which resulted in her being awarded the Gold Medal Award. Upon graduation, Lisa began working at NSCC, which resulted in her moving from our NSCC Pictou campus to the IT campus.

Each year the International department hires summer students to help assist in the planning and implementation of integral activities and events to help support our international students.  Lisa plays an integral role in the onboard training of the students to help familiarize them with the department’s role and vision at NSCC. This allows her to share her knowledge, but it also allows her to learn about different cultures from our student’s perspective.

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