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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program in GrenadaGrenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Mission – It is a great opportunity to be back in this beautiful country with a group of outstanding NSCC students and faculty.  Our group consists of five students from 3 campuses (Akerley, Lunenburg and Waterfront) and from 5 different programs (Business Administration, Culinary, Public Relations, Screen Arts and Tourism Management).  The two exceptional faculty leaders are Janet Hawkwood (Screen Arts) and Larry Bergeron (Boulanger & Baking Arts).

Our group is participating in the inaugural NSCC Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program (CEDP).  This program provides an opportunity for our students from the School of Applied Arts and New Media and the School of Business to work with Grenadian counterparts from TA Marryshow Community College.  The focus of the program is research and documentation of cultural traditions and natural products of Grenada.  NSCC and TAMCC students have conducted a number of interviews with local artists who are involved in carnival and masquerade traditions such as Jab Jab, May Pole, Short Knee, Vieux Corps and Wild Indian.  We have also documented stories of successful local entrepreneurs at Baron Foods, Belmont Estate, De La Grenade Industries, Francis Catering, River Antoine Rum Distillery, and Spice Basket.  We have collected an impressive number of video and audio recordings, and still images.  We even had the opportunity to interview the Minister of Agriculture of Grenada. What an incredible learning experience for all of us.

Week 2 of this program will be focused on organizing and transcribing the collected recordings followed by group discussions on potential small business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.  Students will identify and analyze various entrepreneurship scenarios that can assist existing and aspiring artists and business persons.  Group presentations and case studies will be prepared to elaborate on these opportunities.  The archive of video and audio recordings, still images and case studies will be used in the future Associate Level Degree Program in Cultural and Creative Industries that TAMCC is currently developing with NSCC’s assistance, as well as for public engagement purposes in Nova Scotia and Canada in general.  This project is part of the CARICOM Education for Employment Program that is co-funded by the Government of Canada and managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

Zoran Kondali
Manager, NSCC International

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