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Cultural Entrepreneurship & Documentation Program 2015

CEDP Grenada 2015 – Once again I have the pleasure of participating in the 2015 Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program (CEDP) in Grenada. This is the second year that this interprofessional student and faculty program is offered.  The NSCC team consists of 5 first and second year students and 2 outstanding faculty members (Janet Hawkwood and Shari Mallory-Shaw) from the Business Administration, Radio and Television Arts and Screen Arts Programs from 3 campuses (Cumberland  – Amherst Learning Centre, Truro and Waterfront).

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity to NSCC students to apply their learning in a real life situation while at the same time collaborating with counterparts from the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) in Grenada.  The focus of this year’s program in Grenada is on traditional music and home remedies. During week 1 the joint NSCC and TAMCC team has conducted over 20 interviews with local musicians and herbal practitioners. The team has collected over six hours of video testimonials and countless still images. More importantly, all of us have expanded our knowledge about this beautiful country and its cultural, farming and healing traditions. Needless to say that our team has made many new friends at TAMCC as well as in many corners of Grenada.

Week 2 of this program is entrepreneurship oriented, and based on information collected students will identify potentially viable business ideas related to music and home remedies.  At the end of this week student teams will present their ideas to a wider audience which will mark the end of this amazing program.  The last activity of this program will be a beach cookout that is planned to for tomorrow afternoon. 

This student and faculty program is part of the CARICOM Education for Employment Program that is co-funded by the Government of Canada and managed by Colleges and Institutes Canada (formerly the Association of Canadian Community Colleges).

Zoran Kondali

Manager, NSCC International

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