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I’ve recently just returned home from a two-week learning adventure in Arusha, Tanzania. I was part of the happiness project. Of the plethora of learning moments that occurred during this whirlwind adventure, one in particular stands out. One of the students I worked very closely with had made a comment on the fact that an entrepreneur we visited had only hired women, and he mentioned it was gender bias. This particular student was extremely bright and well read, often quoting Ghandi, or Mother Theresa. It was shocking to hear his interpretation on the woman only workforce this entrepreneur had hired. This lead to a lengthy in class discussion on why women empowerment is important, in a country where even the brightest of students can’t clearly see the importance of female empowerment in a patriarchal country where women are heavily disregarded. This eye-opening experience has lead me to broaden my own vision, and I feel as if I’ve become a better version of myself. After learning and collaborating with students and teachers in Arusha, I’m now a more rounded person, seeing and experiencing things that I’ve always taken for granted in my own country, and forever will be grateful for this opportunity to embrace and learn from this culture so different from the one I’ve become accustomed to.


Daniel Weyman
Business Administration Student
NSCC Pictou Campus

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