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Restoration Field School in Italy – What I've learned on this field school is that culture is built into the landscape over time by people with nature. Being involved with the rooftop patio project in Ghesc gave me the opportunity to get to know new people with different cultures and backgrounds, both culturally and academically. I've learned how vital it is to work as a community on such mountainous terrain.

Our field trips through many small occupied and abandoned villages gave me a chance to compare cultures in different time periods. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to see how proud the Italians are of the culture. And I'm so glad of the experiences I've encountered with such a rich and genuine culture.

I had the opportunity to share some of my skills and knowledge, as well as, gaining some from other people here while working on the project.

A few of the noticeable observation include how much people care for each other here whether you're family or not. Everything seems community oriented. Also, I was surprised how different the workplace safety culture is compared to Nova Scotia. Finally, I certainly am inspired by the different structures in the landscape here in Italy and I can't wait to apply or share them when I get back home.
Lastly, this experience has enriched my appreciation of the cultural landscape and I have experienced things I normally would not. I never would have dreamed of hiking up the Alps to the Swiss border on my 30th birthday. What an amazing experience!

Dennis Crouse

Horticulture and Landscaping Technology Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus

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