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I started at the Nova Scotia Community College- Kingstec Campus in January 2018 as an international student. I am from Jamaica and I am currently pursuing the Accelerated Business Administration Program, Management Concentration. Coming to Canada was a major change when compared to what I am used to.  I left Jamaica which is usually at a temperature of 28 – 32 0C and arrived in Canada at a temperature of -5 0C. I heard about the cold prior to my arrival but I underestimated it. It was a major shock to my body when I exited the Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Halifax, my eyes ran, my nose ran and even I had to run to the vehicle. I was the laughing stock for the rest of that week among my family because I was warned but I did not take heed.

Since I am new to the community, I take part in as many things as possible to build my awareness of my new home. Just to name a few, I took part in the marathons (Coldest Night of the Year and Valley Harvest), Apple Blossom 2018, Bell Lets Talk, Rotaract for which I am the Vice President Challenge Nova Scotia and International Student Society. I have not been outside of Nova Scotia has yet, but I visited Prince Edward Island during spring break 2018, which was a fun adventure. My Canada experience has been amazing because I have met many people from different countries, cultures, background, and expertise.

My academic experience has also been amazing and in my opinion, I have been doing exceptionally well. Some of the skills that I have attained are communication skills, leadership ability, budgeting skills, project management, and emotional intelligence. As one of the international student ambassadors at the Kingstec Campus, it is my goal to continue to influence the other international students to enjoy their time here by going out and exploring the province and to support them to succeed in all task undertaken.  I will continue to do my best in making my experience In Canada a fulfilling one.


Dominique Smith
Business Administration
Kingstec Campus

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