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International Leadership Forum – I had mixed feelings about taking my first trip to Canada. I was worried about leaving my two year son for ten days. I was worried that I may be too exhausted at the end of a semester to successfully complete a workshop. Yet I was excited to finally visit NSCC. I should also mention that I am not the best air traveler either.

All my fears were laid to rest. My experience was absolutely wonderful.

Caribbean Airlines with their fine cuisine and personalized service and West Jet with their singing flight attendant made my air travel quite relaxing and entertaining.

I attended two workshops one on leadership and the other on PLAR assessment. Both workshops were well organised. I must commend Claudine ably assisted by Bobbi for the very relaxed nature of the leadership workshop. I was learning and did not even realize it. We were made to feel at home with pictures from our various countries. The methodology used like the learning circle and making sandwiches (thanks so much Larry) was really an excellent way to meet new persons, interact and learn. The leadership workshop was an excellent tool for self evaluation and learning ways to improve working relationships at my institution.

I knew nothing about PLAR but at the end of the two day workshop I had an understanding of the concepts with some seeds planted for implementation at TAMCC.

I am really happy I attended the workshops. The staff at NSCC were warm and welcoming. Thank you so much opening your homes to us and taking us around. Nova Scotia is really beautiful. I especially liked the green spaces.


Best Regards

Dr. Nicole Phillip-Dowe

Dean – School of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies

T. A. Marryshow Community College




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