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              We live in a situation where most classes are conducted online, some programs are entirely online. Meeting new people has never been easy, especially under these circumstances. I feel the limitations of online learning and would like to talk about methods to adapt and adjust to this situation and get along well.

              Taking classes using computer video programs used to be seen only in movies. I wasn’t familiar using these programs, there were many embarrassing moments where I pressed the wrong button. At first there were many things to consider, such as Internet conditions and computer specifications. However, I made some time for myself to get familiar with the video program and other communication methods. Now I could take my classes anywhere in the world. Watching the recorded class again can greatly enhance your understanding of the class.

              My classes seem to be progressing very fast this year. It can be hard to catch a concept on the first explanation. I appreciate that our instructors are aware of this situation and try to repeat and restate ideas as often as possible. Progress is slowed because instructors cannot recognize students’ understanding in real time. It can feel awkward to ask a sting of questions and monopolize class time. It can feel even more awkward when you still don’t understand, and class must progress. It can be intimidating but you should take the extra step and reach out to your instructors after class. Most instructors are kind and more than happy to answer your questions during office hours.

              Email is a powerful tool, confidently reaching out with email has been key to my success. To accurately convey my intentions, I use understandable files names and include pictures and videos. Its important to respond to emails from teammates and instructors promptly, in case they need a clarification or more information. Good work and clear emails can garner much respect and esteem.

I am lucky enough to go to school twice a week for labs, it is important to maximize this time. I prepare for the lab by doing prep work and calculations before the lab time. Arriving at the lab with this work done gives me time to socialize, compare my work and help classmates. I really enjoy this time; it can be difficult to balance work and socialization so do the work before hand and you will have more time to talk!

              These days it feels like I spend a lot of time alone at my computer, so I participate in NSCC organized programs to interact with people such as the webinars provided by EAL Support. Whenever I have time, I participated in ‘Let’s Chat’, I learn a lot listening to the experiences of past graduates.  I have been trying to support ISA activities; I leaded the introduce food event and assist the meeting with an alumni.  When I have time offline, I try to organize small meetings with alumni and classmates whether to work or play. Its important to take active steps to reduce stress; walking in nature, meeting a friend, or just listening to music, focusing on relaxation helps to reduce tension and depressive thoughts.

              The first few months were full of negative thoughts, accepting this as a continuing situation has allowed me to change my mindset from a passive holding to pattern to one of active self improvement. Some things are more convenient but most aren’t, it is up to us to take the extra steps to connect with each other and find the extra effort to succeed. I believe each of us will find the best way, as always.

Duncan Lee

Electronic Engineering Technician Program, Year 2

Ivany Campus

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