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When I came to Nova Scotia I knew that I was going to have new great experiences but I didn't know that then they were going to exceed my expectations. I am in the Tourism Management Program and I would like to talk about the different tours we have made since Halifax and reaching Kings.


What we did first was an Amazing Race around Halifax. There were 5 groups of 10 people for each group, and we had to looking for signals, places, people, and if we met a tourist asking for directions, we would have to answer and help them. My group won the second place but what I appreciated most was learn how to go to places with a map and put myself in the place of tourists, so I could know how they feel, and in the future do a better job.


The following tour was a Wine Tour. We went to "Gaspeaur Vineyards" and "Benjamin Bridge Vineyards”. This was helpful because in the Tourism Industry you can also work in a bar or in a restaurant, and you have to know what you are offering to the customers. Another thing that I have learnt is that Nova Scotia has different types of wine and they are very worried about the preparation and preservation of the product. That's why they have exquisite wines.


Another tour was in Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and then we had a bus tour around Halifax. We could know what life was like for the soldiers stationed there, as how they study, how they act in a war, how they sleep, how they shoot a rifle, and stuff like that. In the bus tour we could know a lot of touristic places as the Titanic Cemetery and the Halifax Public Gardens. This tour helped us to know more about what Halifax has to offer to the tourists.


In conclusion, I am learning a lot of things in the Tourism Management program, and I know that it will be more tours with new teachings that will prepare us for our future careers.


Elizabeth Laureano

Exchange Student, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyota (Lima, Peru)

Tourism Management Student

Akerley Campus

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