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Bridge the Ocean in Finland – When I signed up for Bridge the Ocean 2022, Finland, I never thought that I would make so many life-long, international, and like-minded friends as well as expand my knowledge of different cultures, food, and ways of marketing. I had multiple opportunities to meet representatives of different cultures as well as tradition bearers of those cultures; I was also able to share my Gaelic culture with different people from many countries through my Cape Breton style fiddle playing. I was able to exchange language and traditional music with students from across the world and made many connections internationally this way. 

This trip has expanded my knowledge of how different countries market and promote their culture and traditions through a culinary, art, music, and language lens. I was able to experience so many different cultural events and traditions that will help me in my future career whether it be in marketing, culture, or design. I am entirely grateful to the Bridge the Ocean organizers for giving me and my fellow students this wonderful opportunity to experience Finnish and other cultures of Europe while still actively learning, making friends, and having so much fun while on this amazing trip to Finland. 

Ella Hanson

AMCA Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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