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Embarking on a Sun Safari!Tanzania

Mikumi Solar Project – The sun beats down on Mikumi, Tanzania in East Africa, and well, this is a good thing. For the past five months five NSCC technology students and two faculty have been preparing and planning to install small scale solar panels at NSCC’s partner institution VETA Mikumi. Courtney Falconer (Electrical Engineering Technology, Waterfront Campus), Gordie McKay (Mechanical Engineering Technology, Waterfront Campus), Ben Bates (Mechanical Engineering Technology, Waterfront Campus), Michael Campbell (Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology, Annapolis Valley Campus) and Barry Sonmor (Electronics Engineering Technology, Marconi Campus) along with faculty members Cynthia Rogers (Mechanical Engineering Technology, Waterfront Campus) and Gord Wilkie (Electrical Engineering Technology, Waterfront Campus) have embarked on a two-week long experience that will take them to rural Tanzania to find the sun and produce energy.

NSCC has been partnering with VETA Mikumi for the past five years on an Education for Employment project focused on building capacity in Tourism and Hospitality training. It is because of this relationship that the NSCC “solar” group was welcomed with open arms and extremely wonderful hospitality. The group began working on their project this week alongside VETA Mikumi students from their Electrical program. The goal is to install the solar panels on a campus building in order to offset electricity costs and use of a generator that runs on costly diesel for fuel. The students and faculty are ready and yes, it’s hot and sunny, so let the adventure begin!

Kellie McMullin

International Learning Associate

NSCC International

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