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International Participants of CCEDP – A ‘warm’ Nova Scotian/Canadian welcome was received upon exiting the Halifax airport. I had forgotten how ‘friendly’ the weather can be to Caribbean nationals where we experience sunshine most times. Thankfully I carried my sweater with me, which was constantly on my side throughout my stay. Therefore I was warmed up to get the work done.

The first course Facilitating Adult Learning placed me in three roles: facilitator, learner and critic of group participant’s lessons. All the roles were important but the most striking for me was being the learner. It put my own teaching into perspective. Was I reaching my learners by considering their individual learning styles? Were my lessons consistent with components of a typical lesson? Have I always kept my students engaged? Being the learner showed sometimes we miss some elements and may lose our learners. Hence the BOPPPS method is so user friendly for teachers and shows clearly which parts of a lesson still needs to be included. This is a great resource for all teachers.

Assessment is an important part of the achievement cycle and I learnt how important it is to align assessment/evaluative strategies to learning outcomes. I now have a wider toolbox of classroom assessment techniques because ongoing assessment of learning is critical to achieve the desired end result.

We also recognize that outside of the formal system are learners who possess knowledge and skills which once recognized can place them on route to a livelihood. Once all stakeholders buy into the recognition of prior learning it will expand the human resource base for employers.

Finally the surroundings are nice and clean, the people are very hospitable and the experience at cambridge suites will definitely not remain with me.

Thanks for the experience.

Emma Murray


T.A. Marryshow Community College


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