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International Tourism in Spain – Day 11 was our travel day home.  Wake up came at 5-5:30 A.M. in our awesome hostel in Madrid, to catch our cabs to the Air Port.  Our 4 cabs showed up on time, and got us to the Airport in record time with no traffic on the streets,  and speeds well in excess of posted limits. 

We got our boarding passes and proceeded through security without delay.  Once up in the boarding gate section, we got our last Spanish meals before boarding our plane and heading back to Canada.  Unlike the plane that got us to Spain, our plane home was considerably more modern with its entertainment systems at each seat.  This helped pass the time on the 8 hour flight. 

We arrived in Toronto on time and our only delay was Mo getting “Randomly selected” for extra screening at security.  After a 3 hour layover full of reminiscing about the past 10 days, we were on to Halifax (Home)!    The arrivals area in Halifax was full of emotion.  Happy to be home and sad the trip was over.  Happy to see family and sad that old friends and newer ones were leaving in different directions, geographically and in life. 

Without question, the #1 HAPPY, was that we were all on this trip together, and made friends and memories that will last forever.  Meeting new friends and experiencing new things together, never gets old.  I hope we all meet again soon!  Hasta Mañana!  

Ernie MacDonald

Business Faculty

NSCC Kingstec Campus

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