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International Tourism in Ireland – Today I went to the Ring of Kerry which is a 179 km circular tourist route in Ireland. I thought that it is real destination but it was circular route and was really great sight to see. I got many pictures of the Ring of Kerry, and it was very beautiful weather too! I will never forget the landscape I have seen the Ring of Kerry, it was pretty and nice. And, we had lunch at Scariff Inn with looking at beautiful landscapes, and I had vegetable soup it tasted really good. I then went to Waterfall at Killarney National Park. Actually, we went to killarney National Park yesterday, but today was the other side of the park. There was waterfall that was pretty much big and looked very fresh. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Waterfall, it was perfectly pretty and looked really great with all green trees and mossy trees, I really loved it! Next we departed the Waterfall and had free time in Killarney. When arrived in Killarney I went to our Guest House which is called Castle Lodge Guest House, which is a very nice guest house although it was the first time when I stayed in. Today was very great and amazing, and I saw many attractions that I will never forget, and got many experiences with my lovely friends and have unforgettable memories.

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Eunsol Yang

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