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This is not my first experience abroad, but it was certainly one of the best. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude to this country that has given me so much. Thank you NSCC for the support provided and for all that has contributed to my academic and personal growth during this semester. One of the moments that I feel the most I learned, enjoyed and also that was my big challenge in this international learning program, was to take the course of New Ventures where I had to make my business plan as part of the final project, it was a very nice experience because I thought my business was real, having to think about how I was going to promote it, the expenses and all those little details. All courses taken have complemented my academic training, enabling me to pursue my interest in the tourism industry.

My growth has not only been academic as I said before, it has also been personal since I had the wonderful opportunity to meet beautiful people, learn from their cultures which makes me opening my mind getting a global knowledge. The best advice I can give to future students who make this kind of exchange is to take advantage of each day of their stay in Canada and not limit them to go for more.


Evelin Tolentino – Tourism Management, Akerley Campus

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