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We landed in Grenada nine days ago,

NSCC meets up with the TA Maryshow.

Team building exercises and then onto the work,

Interviewing boat builders, chefs and cooks,

Business building exercises, developing our plans,

Cultural experiences helped by many hands.

Presentations to come but then sad goodbyes,

Sandy beaches and funny stories shared,

But there won’t be dry eyes.

Two weeks here but this experience is forever,

Professional, cultural and ties we won’t sever.

Our time has made these strangers into friends,

Our visit may be over, but so it begins.

Beyond the amazement of how friendly and welcoming the local people have been to this outsider, I believe the most important takeaway from this experience has been how alike we are.  Regardless of our location and our ethnic origins, we have all encountered obstacles and lessons that shape our path, we are all moving forward to the same ends. After class conversations with the TA Marryshow College team lead to taxes, politics, life choices and good food.

I have learned patience, tolerance and laughter from this experience as I watch our team work to interview Boat builders from the spice island.  Observing how the quieter of the team step forward and expand themselves to take on roles and complete work they first seen as a challenge is very energizing!

My personal growth for this experience will enhance my professional portfolio and enhance my employability skills as we have interviewed, documented and analyzed information from a cultural perspective that my potential employers should see as an enhanced skill added to their team. Thanks for this amazing opportunity NSCC!

Fay Patey
Business Administration
Lunenberg Campus


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