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Entrepreneurship Summer Program in Scotland – First off, it has been an absolute pleasure to have been given the opportunity to take part in this summer school in Scotland along side the other Canadian students from Humber Institue and also the German students from Hochschule Mainz. 

Seeing the vehicles drive on the opposite side of the road would definitely be one of the things that was different, not to mention the lack of colour of the houses, it's literally granite city.

This trip has taught me to become more social and to get out of my comfort zone. Not to mention the patience it takes in getting to know other people and their strengths/weaknesses. Being exposed to other cultures is certainly an eye opener, having an open mind and the willingness to learn can be an asset both professionally/personally.

To be able to talk about my experience abroad would hopefully catch the attention of a future employer and to also inspire other students to do the very same. I was able to leave my familiar  surroundings, go into a new country with people that I've briefly met (the other students from NSCC) and get to know some of the other students from Canada and Germany.

It's been a true honour to represent NSCC, my Mi'kmaq people, and anyone else that may have stumbled onto my journey along the way. Travelling abroad has been life changing and I encourage everyone to experience it at least once!

The photo I've included is of my new friend from Germany, we both travelled to Scotland and within a few days we got to know each other and really connected. We had also visited the Highland games in Aboyne, Scotland the day this picture was taken. It just goes to show how quick connections can be made!

Felicia Mitchell

Student, Business Administration

NSCC Truro Campus

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