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IT Solutions in Tanzania – Employee Application

Employee Application Deadline: October 25, 2019

Program Summary:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION are a major focus of the Nova Scotia Community College. As part of this work we are presenting the third year of this exciting program opportunity!

NSCC would like to announce an opportunity for one faculty from the  IT programs to participate in the IT Solutions in Tanzania Program in 2020. This program will only take place if a minimum of 3 students are selected to participate.

Interested faculty are asked to review the information below, including the Criteria for Selection, and to submit the online application form.

The 2020 Tanzaniai IT Solutions project is an employee and student international learning program with the purpose being to implement IT solutions to improve conditions on the VETA Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (VHTTI) and the Mikumi Vocational Training Centre (VTC) campus es in Tanzania.  The program will provide an opportunity for second year IT students to analyze, design, implement and document solutions to improve access to the Internet and network resources.  The travel to Tanzania will take place over a two and a half week period in May 2020. NSCC students and employees will collaborate with related program counterparts at VHTTI and Mikumi VTC to implement the project.

Program Qualifications for Students:

This program is open to second-year NSCC students from the following programs:

  • Information Technology – Systems Management/Networking
  • Information Technology – Web Programming
  • Information Technology – Database Administration

Successful completion of this program will provide students with a Senior Applied Research Project and/or Work Experience equivalency.

About Mikumi, Tanzania and Mikumi VTC

Since 2009 NSCC has been working with Mikumi Vocational Training Centre (part of the Tanzania Vocational Education Training Authority – VETA) on a Canadian Government funded project managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) called Education for Employment (EFE). The purpose of the project is to build capacity of tourism training offered at the VTC, which is adjacent to a national park, and experience a growth in wildlife and adventure tourism.  Initiatives have included faculty and staff exchange, teacher training, leadership and management training, curriculum review, library services and IT enhancements, marketing, social media and entrepreneurship training, outreach to industry, tourism industry study tours in Nova Scotia, and NSCC student and faculty study tours at Mikumi.

NSCC is currently working on a new project with MIkumi VTC focusing on the development of an eco/cultural tourism certificate program.

The Mikumi VTC is 400 kilometres outside of Dar es Salaam, just outside the Mikumi National Park boundary in Mikumi Town, and is fully equipped with a restaurant, overnight accommodations, a tourist information centre and a conference centre.

About Arusha, Tanzania and the VETA Hotel and Tourism Training Institute

NSCC began working with VHTTI in 2015 on a Government of Canada funded project developing a tour operations program at the Diploma level. The institute is located in Njiro – Arusha, about 15 kilometres from the heart of Arusha city. VHTTI was strategically established and located in Arusha to curb the rising need of expertise in hospitality and tourism industry. Arusha was chosen as a strategic location due to the fact that among other reasons the city is at the heart of the Tanzania’s Northern tourism circuit.

Located below Mount Meru on the eastern edge of the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley, Arusha has a temperate climate. The city is close to the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorogoro Conversation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Olduvai Gorge, Tarangire National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Arusha National Park on Mount Meru.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn about and share best practices to implement IT network/infrastructure solutions and address technologies concerns specific to developing countries.
  • To develop and refine the skills needed to prepare for and participate in an international learning experience including research, organization, risk management, teamwork, interpersonal communication and cultural competence and sensitivity.
  • To strengthen academic and portfolio profiles through enhanced research, analytical thinking, planning, communication, innovation, entrepreneurship, applied learning and marketing.
  • To identify and reflect on the differences and similarities between Canada and Tanzania

NSCC International will provide:

  • Logistical coordination (risk management, pre-departure orientation, travel documentation support, arrangement of in-country transportation and accommodation, etc.).
  • Program management support.

Selection Criteria:

  • Employee with a continuing employment status.
  • International experience considered an asset.
  • Commitment to applying learning in future work with NSCC.

Application Requirements:

  • Online Application (see below)
  • Signed letter of support from your supervisor stating they are aware you are applying for this opportunity (uploaded to the online form)

Project Timeline (subject to change):

October 2019 Student and Faculty Application (Call for Submission)
October 2019 Faculty Selection
November 2019 Student Selection
November 2019 Design Student Learning Contract
November 2019 Program Development and Consultation with Local Partner
January 2020 Research and planning phase initiated
April 2020 Pre-Departure Conference
May 2020 International Learning Program in Tanzania
June 2020 Reporting and Debriefing


  • Selected employees must participate in the one-day pre-departure conference on April 17, 2020.

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