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CCEDP Summer 2015 – I come from Grenada, a small island located miles away in the Caribbean Sea. It is an extremely beautiful country, and the people are known regionally and internationally for their hospitality. The province of Nova Scotia reminds me of my country. It is quite hospitable. The surroundings are clean with beautiful flowers and trees, but the province’s people are its highlight. They are warm and friendly. Even if they do not know you, they greet you with a smile. They are also quite courteous and helpful.  Nova Scotia is an ideal place to come to study.

The Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has an environment that is conducive for learning. The campus is quite serene and thoughtfully designed with lush green lawns; shady trees; state-of-the-art buildings with elevators, but still keeping some of its conventional architecture; strategically positioned gazebos; numerous classrooms; customer friendly offices; a large, resourceful library; a spacious cafeteria; a fully equipped gym and sports center; a newly added meditation center; multiple washrooms and bathrooms over the various floors; and maximum security.

The faculty and staff are quite accommodating. The faculty is qualified and experienced, bringing to the table years of experience in their areas of expertise. They are indisputably knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do.

My experience under the Community College Education Diploma Program (CCEDP) was an amazing one. I witnessed facilitators who were quite passionate about the subject and fully effective in their delivery. They proved to be well trained and versed in the classroom. They knew how to arouse students’ participation and maintain their attention. They had me from start to end during my one-week training.

Prior to coming to NSCC, I had fair knowledge of what it means to be an educator. Having completed my training at the College, my psyche is bursting with information, which I am most eager to apply in my daily work with adult learners upon return to my home country.

Thank you NSCC for allowing me the opportunity to come to your beautiful province. I feel proud to have walked your grounds and received training at your noble institution.

Hadassah Roberts

Co-ordinator for Access and Professional Studies

T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC)


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