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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – I don’t even know where to begin; the past two weeks seem to have flown by! I have learned so much, and I know what I have learned is going to make me an even better filmmaker.

Being in Grenada has really opened my eyes, when working with people how we can make a better place for everyone. Everyone has been so kind, from the bottom of my heart I am so thankful to have met some wonderful people.

Today we did our final presentations and I am very proud of everyone, we thought of some great businesses to help Grenada I hope in the future that there is change and more traditions are passed on to the younger generations. So to end off I can’t believe all the places I’ve been, things I’ve learned, and most importantly the people I have met. It’s going to be so hard saying goodbye to Grenada, it has most definitely been an awesome time. I am extremely grateful I have gotten this experience.


Hailey Dewtie

Student, Screen Arts

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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