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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – This week has been incredible! Working with the TAMCC students, getting to know how they feel about their country and knowing that as young as 16 year olds care so deeply about losing their culture is amazing, but yet sad that they are actually losing it, and these are similarities Nova Scotia and Grenada have because I feel we are both losing our culture a bit.

In this past week, I have had the chance to travel pretty much the entire island, which at the start of this trip I never thought I would be doing. We’ve traveled to the west coast and all the way up to the rainforest to eat lunch at a volcano.

Also in this past week I have met amazing people of the community and have interviewed them. I have come to learn that it doesn’t matter how rich, how poor or even what sex you are if you participate in carnival you are all equals because you all look the same, you are all there to have a great time.

This week has been incredible experience for me not only to dive into this community and work with the students but also on helping me work on my camera skills, sound skills, problem solving and also trying to never get upset when something technical happens because if something can happen it usually will, but that’s okay because I have a team that supports me and the faulty is great! I can’t wait to start this last week; it’s definitely going to be hard leaving.

Hailey Dewtie

Student, Screen Arts

NSCC, Waterfront Campus


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