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ISTEP Tanzania – On 7/7/2017 were picked from the hotel to NSCC International Campus and we had a tour for the campus and receive the logistic and in the afternoon we had a meeting with Lisa for the preparation of next program at Truro campus.

The program of Facilitating Adults Learners was done successfully at Truro Campus for four days. The main subject taught was how to use BOPPPS (Bridge In, Learning Objective, Pre- test, Participatory Learning, Post Test and Summary.) in this session we manage to learn what the meaning of BOPPPS technique is used in teaching environment not only that but also we had to do teaching practice in different lesson to practice how the BOPPPS works, which was very educative and the a good method to be used because its engage the learner and is help the teacher to get the feedback right after session of teaching. The good thing about the teaching practice were five in our group and after one of us practice we sit down to give the feedback and also the facilitator do the same this has help the teacher to improve in the next session on using BOPPPS technique. At the end all teacher succeeded to be excellent in BOPPPS technique.

After finishing with training in BOPPPS technique, we also we had a workshop on managing a Respectful Workplace, at this workshop we manage to discuss different possible problem might occur in a working place due to diversity of people, not only that but also we manage to discuss on how we can resolve the challenges on working place, there different approach on how to collect the problems like here at NSCC there is the particular department dealing with this problems even for the students while in Veta most are reported to the head of department and it has to follow the formal way if need arise to do so, but most of them are resolved informally and this create a better working environment. In addition to that we manage also to participate in Strengths workshop were by we had a good discussion on analyzing different strength that human has, and this also help to understand our strengths that will help to select the right people to perform the specific task allocated, this also can be done to our classes to determine the strength of our student, as a teacher it make the class simple in terms of teaching methodology.

Tour at NSCC waterfront campus. This campus is allocated near the sea where by it offers different trades mostly are mechanical, electrical and applied research.

 Tour at NSCC Akerley Campus. In this Campus they offer the hospitality courses, the campus has nice classes with the modern equipment’s in teaching and workshop preparation (practicals).


 After the visiting all this tours we had a barbeque at Senobe Aquatic Club for networking whereby we meet with different tutors who have come to Tanzania and the students who visited our campuses .

Tour at black loyalists Heritage center. At this place we manage to get the history of Black people who were pioneer as blacks in Nova Scotia. It’s a touching story which shows how they live as slaves at that time.

 Tour at Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg. We manage to see the different items used by fisherman, not only that but also to get the history of sailors and manage to see the monuments which have the names of sailors who died in ocean. Most of the sailors who died are families (brothers). 

Also we visited the historical  Anglikan church were by it was used by england sailors for there prayers, it was built in 1753 and in 2001 it got burnent ny unknown source of fire, but the pepole got funded from different donars to build it again and in 2005 it was in used agaig up to today.

 Tours at Peggy cove. At this place we manage to get the exposer to see the left behind rocks left after ice glaciers.

 All in all we manage to taste different types of Canadian foods like lobster poutine, pizzas, burgers and not forget we manage to taste their beers.

 Also we had different moments to enjoy and learn.

At Victoria park with other teachers at ccdep in truro



At Halifax citadel (historical site)

 To sum up the visit was so educative as teachers and also as the tutor of Tourism we manage to explore the different tourist attraction which a found in Canada.

Happiness Salema

Culinary Arts Tutor

VETA Hotal & Tourism Training Institute

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