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The Happiness Project in Tanzania – “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?” 

Today, several teams of students each with a mix of Canadian and Tanzanian students started their entrepreneurial projects in earnest. Every team decided to make and sell a type of food. Our team decided to make a celebratory dish called pilau. Many orders were taken yesterday in an anticipation. This morning, we got to work preparing garlic, carrots, potatoes, meat, and rice. We had two main “chefs” (neither of whom is a culinary student) and several workers who also had opinions about how to make pilau. Despite all of the cooks in the kitchen, the meal came together quite smoothly. Delivering the food and collecting the money were minor challenges and in the end all of the pilau was purchased and enjoyed. The profit from today will be invested for a new meal tomorrow. Hopefully, it will run as smoothly.  

Heather Walker

Industrial Engineering Technology Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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