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Doing Business in Europe – The flight was so long and uncomfortable and I didn't think I would ever make it here but boy I was so happy when I did. I did know what to expect when I first arrived but this changed my perspective on everything. The people are amazing and the train ride here was so cool especially where I have never been on one before. This place is wonderful and beautiful at the same time.

I love how the people are so nice and helpful and are willing to make exceptions to that fact you can't speak Dutch. It's amazing the relaxing atmosphere they have and how nothing seems to make them upset.

My picture is on the second day we were here I took a photo of the street we were walking down, it was beautiful and makes it feel so small and serene, like a old time picture or places you see in movies. I would love to live here one day and wouldn't mind coming back again.


Hillary Avery

Business Administration Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus



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