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International Student Ambassador Program

The International Student Ambassador (ISA) Program is an exceptional program that was created with international and immigrant students in mind to be their guiding light as they become familiar with their school and surroundings. Our aim is to help our students feel welcome and included in our community as they navigate this new journey by offering opportunities to come together, grow, and have fun.

We have moved our program online for 2020/2021 and we’re excited to engage with international students across Nova Scotia and around the world!  We will be offering workshops, contests, games, giveaways and great learning opportunities. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and the iCent App.


My name is Raquel Pires, I am originally from Brazil and moved to Halifax in 2019. Also, I am a second-year student of Industrial Engineering Technology at Ivany Campus and Coordinator of the International Student Ambassador Program. My goal is to make sure that all international students from NSCC feel connected and engaged to our campuses and to our community. If you would like to know anything about student life, about your campus or even if you need some peer-advise, please contact me at international.ambassador@nscc.ca.


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