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Janet’s Blog #2Grenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – Week one in Grenada was all about team building and research. Working in four groups made up of TAMCC and NSCC students, we traveled the island collecting oral histories, personal stories and valuable information about local food products and traditional Masquerade.  With at least 16 interviews completed, each being at least 20 to 30 minutes in length, the students had a lot of valuable information to work with.

The interviewing process was very collaborative. Students came up with the standard questions as one group but then learned to quickly adapt their questions with each interview, in their smaller interviewing teams. They rotated through the various roles (note taking/paper work, equipment technician and interviewer) learning how to make the process happen smoothly, professionally and most importantly respectfully.

At the start of week two, working in their same interviewing teams they started to go back into the audio and video recordings, looking for ideas to help develop either a product or service that they then could build a sound business plan around.

After couple of days in the class room the students all had sound ideas on the go with solid business plans emerging. We also asked the students to come up with two case studies concerning existing businesses or cultural endeavors that needed ideas and solutions to help their pursuits reach the next level. All four groups found great examples to present.

The second week was not all about the classroom.  Laura McNeil, one of our NSCC students, had the brilliant idea to bring dozens of free comic book with her to Grenada. They where given to Laura by Strange Adventures, a comic book store in Halifax, as part of International Free Comic Book Day. It was arranged to have Laura give her comic books away at St. Louis Girls School in St. George. So, how do you create a riot in a small girls school, give away free comic books! Those sweet little girls in blue and white pinafores had a mission; it was a fantastic moment, one of the best experiences here in Grenada. Thank you Laura McNeil for having the forethought to make this happen.

On Friday the students presented their final ideas. We had TAMCC staff and faculty attend and cross the board, everyone was impressed with their solid ideas and professional presentations.  The entire two weeks of hard work all came together and the students should be very proud of what they were able to accomplish! And it’s hard to believe but on that last day, after the final presentation, Larry Bergeron final got the chance to play the drums! Really, it all came true.

Thanks to everyone involved who helped make this all happen; our on the ground TAMCC colleagues Dr. Nicole Phillip and Mrs. Louisa Clark-Lewis, and my NSCC partners in crime, Larry Bergeron, a man full of endless energy and goodness and Zoran Kondali, the perfect person to keep the whole machine running smoothly using the great combination of humor and determination!

Janet Hawkwood

Faculty, Screen Arts

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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