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Solar Innovations Project in Tanzania – Before I start, I just need to make it clear that anything I write down will not do the trip justice. The trip changed my whole life in so many ways that I cannot explain but I am going to try. Adaptability is a big theme for me when I talk about this trip because everything is so different in terms of food, work ethic, perseverance and so much more.

So, leaving Canada I was a fussy eater, I mostly survived off meat, potatoes, pizza and breakfast food. During my stay in Tanzania I progressed a lot with my food, eating things with sauce which I didn’t like before to be eating greens and vegetables, going as far as to earn to make the legendary vegetable soup they made there. If you’re looking to develop your food list, go to Tanzania, they have so much traditional foods there and they also have a lot of Indian influence in there cooking, its great.

The people in Tanzania really changed my perspective on the people. We often get told about the bad things in Africa like pour quality of life, but what I seen when I was there where people who are rich in spirit and perseverance. A country who was so hurt by colonialism produces the hardest workers and the keenest learners I have met. The people in Tanzania made the project as successful as it was, and I am so happy we got to have the chance to spend 2 weeks with them.

To the people at the VETA, quafia, asante sana for teaching me so much,

Jean-Marc Samson

Electrical Engineering Technology Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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