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Doing Business in Europe – So we have now been in Groningen for 1 week, and being my first time in mainland Europe I find myself amazed by something different every day. At first it was the architecture; the buildings are very unique. Everything seems to have its own feel to it. Then it was the educational aspects, all of our lecturers are super interesting people and bring a lot of energy to the classes.

A large challenge initially was riding the bikes everywhere, however every day it gets a little bit easier. We noticed that the local people who drive cars and bus drivers are very reckless so you need to be careful, especially downtown.

I am also finding the culture to be much more rich here, it seems to have a lot of layers to it. Every day I find another little pocket of society, Groningen actually has a relatively large immigrant population.

Jeff Borgel

Business Administration Student

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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