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Social Entrepreneurship Program in Vietnam – Two weeks in Vietnam was an amazing learning experience for me, both in relation to school and personal growth! We spent the two weeks at Tra Vinh University in Tra Vinh in the Mekong Delta. South of Ho Chi Minh City, Tra Vinh is a beautiful small city with canals and temples and pagodas and lots of motorbikes!!

We worked with 10 business students from Tra Vinh to develop a business plan for an entrepreneurial business idea and presented on that plan to other students, faculty, and senior University staff.  We had the opportunity to learn how businesses in Vietnam work directly from small-business owners that we visited over three days, and I personally learned so much about small business, micro-credit, and the importance of relationships in business. I also learned so much from the other students but we also laughed a lot as we found things we had in common.

In addition to the business work, we spent a tourist day on an island in the Mekong River and on another day visited a museum, a beautiful park, and Khmer Buddhist and Chinese Buddhist temples right in Tra Vinh. 

I think participating in the program will be great for both my work skills and my interpersonal skills. I’d like to improve at working in a team environment, and I think participating in the program will definitely help me, especially since the team members will have such a variety of backgrounds. I’d specifically like to develop and improve the ability to better interpret what people are saying and the ability to deliver effective, concise presentations with good messaging.

Jennifer Price

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