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Spanish and Service Learning Program in Ecuador – Hola from Ecuador! These past 10 days have been a whirlwind of knowledge, adventures, and meeting all kinds of people! I really didn't know what to expect coming here so I didn't have expectations other than to improve my Spanish. Every day I have a new experience; whether it's food, a trip somewhere or meeting a new friend. I'm usually the type of person that has to plan everything and know every detail but here everything is so laid back, I don't feel like I have to, nor do I want to. I'm learning that it's ok to "wing it". Actually, that leads to the best kind of memories. I also do not have a lot of patience at home but here you will not survive if you don't learn to go with flow and laugh at yourself. In fact, I crossed the street for the first time today and ordered dinner all by myself! (If you saw how they drove here, you'd be proud of me haha) Everyone from my host family to the people at the university (UEES) to the people we volunteer for, have been so amazing and accommodating. I really can't say enough about them all. We are with other students from the States and the Dominican and we are pretty much one big happy family. It's great to know that we are making lifelong friends and memories here.

I wish I could tell you about all our adventures so far but it's one big blur right now! We saw cathedrals, volcanoes, toured Quito (new and old parts), iguana park, black market, a museum of a local artist, stayed in Otavalo and went to the market, and of course, went to the equator. I'm know I'm forgetting a whole bunch… It's so beautiful here!

 I need to study for my Spanish test tomorrow, so I'm going to sign off now but thanks for reading!

 Oh! There are iguanas walking around all over campus… So crazy!

Jessica Pratt

International Business

NSCC Truro Campus


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