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International Tourism in Ireland – Goodbye Galway! Hello Dingle!

After spending 2 fun-filled days in the city of Galway we packed our bags and headed off to our next adventure. First on the list was the Cliffs of Moher. I was so excited but my excitement level dropped when I stepped off the bus into a hail storm! It was windy, cold and the rain was coming down fast and hard. I power walked over to the edge where I could finally see the cliffs. It was then that my excitement level sky rocketed! The cliffs were beautiful, and much more breath-taking in person. In that moment all the wind and rain didn’t seem to matter much anymore. Some classmates and I walked all the way to the top where the view was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. It was indescribable, even the photo above doesn’t do it justice.

Once I had reached the point of the being soaking wet I went into the main building where there was an exhibition room filled with photos of the cliffs, history on them and even a video was being played in a separate room that took you through the cliffs from a “bird’s eye view.” Two hours wasn’t long enough for me to see and experience it all however it made for a life lasting memory!

Just when I thought the day couldn’t be any more thrilling I met Frank O’Bradey a passionate farmer who led us through a guided hike on his farm land. We met all his cattle and learned about his archeological landmarks, history of his ancestry and the land, their ways of farming and more. A tour that I feared would be a bore ended up being the highlight of my trip to date. His passion was so intriguing and hiking through the land with some of the cows following close behind was surprisingly a total blast!

Now the group and I are on their way to Benners Hotel where we will spend the next 2 nights in Dingle, and I can’t wait to see what adventures I will experience next! Cheers!

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Jessica Drennan

Tourism Management Student

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