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ISTEP Tanzania 2015 – I am currently in Tanzania as part of an inception mission to spearhead one of the many projects getting underway between the governments of Canada and Tanzania. These undertakings are under the guidance of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN) and is called Improving Skills Training for Employment Program (ISTEP). A few selected colleges in Canada are leading them in conjunction with the Tanzanian organizations needing assistance.  NSCC is involved with two of them in the tourism sector and teacher training field. Andrea Stewart and I are working with Bow Valley College on the project with the Morogoro Vocational Teacher’s Training College (MVTTC)

The Canadian and Tanzanian partners met for two days in Dar es Salaam for discussions and orientation sessions and to officially launch these partnerships.  I met a number of individuals from both countries during including the Canadian High Commissioner, Alexandre Leveque.  This time was well spent getting to know some of the people from Morogoro and understanding their needs.

I am presently in Morogoro finishing the initial planning sessions we had between Bow Valley, NSCC and MVTTC. There was good progress made during these three days of talking and presentations and understanding both party’s strengths dealing with this project.  The people here are very easy to work with and very hospitable.  We had a tour of the Morogoro Campus and saw the many shops and classrooms. Unfortunately the students were out on placement so we were unable to talk with them.  These initial planning sessions are critical to the success of these projects and work toward a better means of communication between all organizations involved.

I am very pleased to have been chosen to be part of this inception mission and hope I have contributed to the best of my ability.

Jim Bate

Academic Chair, School of Business

NSCC, Pictou Campus

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