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This is my first time in the beautiful country that is Grenada, and I am in awe of this fantastic country. Before coming here, I have done some traveling before, going to Mexico, Thailand, and Dominican. There is a magic about this place that I have never felt in any of those places, everyone is so lovely and have an intense pride in their alluring country. Walking around the streets, you should not be surprised by chit chat from passing locals or quickly making friends with a waiter at the restaurant.

While down here we are working with a local college TAMCC, we're going around with students from there exploring their dazzling landscapes and visiting small quaint towns, full of stories and history. While being here for not too long, I have quickly found myself becoming friends with the students; they are all wonderful and full of life. Being here I have learned a lot both about the culture of Grenada's past and also learning of there present, and I hope to learn about the future of Grenada next. This country has a lot to offer, and I am excited to continue to grow and learn more about this exquisite country.

Joseph Ciarrocco
Screen Arts
Student Ivany Campus


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