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Social Work Summer School in Austria – The past week and a half in Linz, Austria has been incredible. I have learned so much from the various lecturers from over 12 different countries.

On Friday we had the opportunity to visit the Mauthausen Memorial. I was not prepared for how “heavy” the experience would be. Being in a space with such a dark history was emotionally draining.

To bring our spirits up we took a day trip into Vienna on Saturday. One highlight for me was the Sigmund Freud museum that was once his apartment and practice. On our way home from Vienna to Linz we had a hard time navigating the train system. This sparked a lot of anxiety and stress but it turned out okay in the end.

After two days of emotions and sight seeing, we were all worn out by Sunday. We decided that we would hang out by the Danube River, where we were told a lot of locals like to hang out and swim. Everyone told us that the river would be much too cold this time of year, but we figured since were all maritimers and we swim in the Atlantic it wouldn’t be to bad! We were very wrong.

Our minds and bodies needed this time to relax. Self care is important even on vacation. I think we get so caught up in trying to fit so much in that we wear ourselves out and we forget to be in the moment and take things in.

This day at the river with my new friends and classmates has easily been one of my favorite days so far.

Jordain Murphy

Social Services Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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