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Hi everyone,

My name is José, and I’m a Peruvian student who came to Canada and expend one semester at Akerley campus studying culinary management.

Since I leave the plane in Halifax, I was able to see how friendly everybody was! Strangers don’t talk to each other where I live, but It was good to see someone you don’t know wish you a nice day.

NSCC gave us a tour through the campus the first week. I’ll never forget how much my eyes opened when I first saw the amazing collection of books they have in the library. I’ve read a good part of them. The kitchens were also good. They have everything you’ll ever use in order to increase your skills and be a good professional, and the chefs will guide you through the process.

The best part of my journey? It was the friends I made. Friends who weren’t only Canadians, but Koreans, Chinese, Dominican, etc. They even took me to Peggy’s cope when I told them I’m coming back to Peru.

I came here thinking I’d learn about Canadian culture, but I also learn a lot about other countries. Diversity makes the world better!

José Gaona 
Culinary management
Akerley Campus

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