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Canada, greatness in simplicity.

There aren’t enough words to fully describe my experience in Canada. Without a doubt, since the moment I put a step in this country my life, horizons, and vision changed. Now I can appreciate the little things that make us all different; those small details that enrich who we are as human beings.

Nova Scotia embraces diversity. You can sense this reality just by paying attention to the way its people look and smile at you. Besides, its streets, buildings, monuments, and museums tell tales of bravery, courage, faith, and mutual love.

The opportunity of living in Nova Scotia thought me that you can find greatness in any person regardless of their backgrounds, nationality, or sexual preferences.  That’s why I would like to say thank you Canada, thank you Nova Scotia, and thank you NSCC for giving me a whole new vision of the world.

With love,
Juan García

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