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International Exchange Students – Hey I am Julia a German, 21 year old international student from the Netherlands. Studying as well as living in Canada has been quite difficult at times. School is so very different over here. I was shocked about the amount of tests and assignment I would have to hand in on a weekly basis. I am used to working on huge projects which usually take some 2 months to accomplish. So what the heck is going on over here? 4 tests a week? Weekly assignments? Individual projects? That is nothing like what I am used to! So let’s take time management to a whole new level! Well I have to admit that did not always work out too well, especially during the first weeks, but I got used to it and things are running rather smoothly now (3 weeks to go, could have figured that out earlier)!

Don’t be shy just say Hey! Something I learned during the very first days at NSCC, Canadian people are some of the nicest I have ever met, but they don’t approach you! Okay so here is the most odd, but amazing situation I experienced during the first days of my stay! I got lost, in the middle of the city, not knowing where I was! So here is what happened, someone would seriously take out his phone to find out where I had to go! Seriously? People I know would not even bother noticing me on the street, I think that was pretty amazing!

But life is not rainbows and butterflies, even if you find yourself on a whole new exciting adventure! I was quite surprised by the Canadian food habits and food prices. How come it so incredibly easy to feed on fast food while eating healthy becomes a life challenge? Healthy food (fruits as well as vegetables and chicken) is overly expensive and my food habits have been taken to a whole new level! Okay but let’s try to be positive right? Poutine! Yes I can now call myself a Poutine addict!

Oh and I love how people are thanking the bus driver before hopping of the bus! Keep the good spirits up!

Julia Kornau,

International Exchange Student, the Netherlands.  

Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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